Wolfgang Dalitz / Wolfram Sperber (ZIB Berlin)

Math-Net Pages and the Math-Net Navigator

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) has declared their activities in the field of electronic information and communication a major topic of its work.
Especially the IMU supports the Math-Net activities to build up a user-friendly information and communicationm network in mathematics. Mathematicians and mathematical institutions should provide their information in a standardized way. Web services gather and process the information to make the information accessible in an efficient way.
Such a knowledge system requires a standardized semantic description of the resources in the system.
The Math-Net initiative has developed RDF/RDFS metadata schemes for a semantic annotation for special resource classes.
E.g., Math-Net Pages are portals to the core information of mathematical institutions. The Math-Net Navigator processes this information and provides different functionalities to retrieve and search the information which are accessible by the Math-Net Pages:

The views are scalable: the top level covers all Math-Net Members in the world. Moreover, the navigator provides continent- and country-specific views. It is planned to make the information given in the database of the Math-Net navigator usable also by other Math-Net Services. The talk discusses the current state of the Math-Net Page and the Math-Net Navigator.

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