Olaf Ninnemann(FIZ Karlsruhe)

LIMES - an infrastructure for the benefit of mathematicians in the information society

LIMES is a project which is guided by the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and funded within the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) of the European Community. The acronym LIMES stands for "Large Infrastructure in Mathematics - Enhanced Services". LIMES deals deals with the installation of a distributed system for the development, maintenance and dissemination of the European database in mathematics, having Zentralblatt MATH as its core. The project in run by nine European partners, caring about a variety of subjects: improvement of the database facilities, upgrading the search software, developing an input and reviewing system, which is capable to run on a distributed basis, installing an architecture which enables full electronic reviewing, and establish local, regional or national access nodes for easy comprehensive usage. The talk will report on the structure of the project, its recent achievements, the main advantages of a collaborative system for the database production and distribution, and enhancements of the database offers. The central role of a comprehensive and high quality information database as a gateway to mathematics for all professionals and as an indispensable tool for researchers will be addressed. A general requirement analysis was a major part of the preparation. One essential requirement is that such a service should be available to all mathematicians world-wide at affordable economic conditions. Comparision will be made with other types of information services in the web, describing their role and their benefits for mathematics.

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