Wolfram Sperber/Robert Roggenbuck (U Osnabrück)

Math&Industry:Sharing knowledge between mathematics and industry (Project Report)

Key technologies require today the broad use of mathematical methods, algorithms, and software. Applied research at mathematical institutions become more and more important. It is a hard and extensive work to develop mathematics for a concrete application. But the results of research projects are often poorly documented. This makes it difficult to reuse the results in other applications. A comprehensive and standardized presentation of the project information could help users in industry and services to improve products and make technologies and services more efficient.

The Math&Industry project funded by the BMBF intends to develop concepts and methods for documentation of research projects in applied mathematics. For that purpose IWI and ZIB have developed The core information of a problem in applied mathematics covers the topics problem, model, mathematical methods, application and products, and the participating people and institutions. The presentation is semantic-based. Metadata for the resource classes given by the topics allow an semantic processing of the information in Web services.

The coded metadata, coded in RDF/XML, are declared using RDF schema and profiles. Glossaries for the application, modeling and mathematical methods can be used for improved search and navigation.


The talk gives an overview about the current state of the project.

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