Paul van der Vet, Hans E. Roosendaal, Theo W.C. Huibers, Peter A.T.M. Geurts(U Twente)

C2M: an easy-to-use wrapper generator

One of the vexing problems that besets concurrent use of multiple, heterogeneous resources is format multiplicity. C2M aims to equip scientists with a wrapper generator on their desktop. The wrapper generator can build wrappers, or converters that can convert data from or into different formats, from a high-level description of the formats. The language in which such a high-level description is expressed is easy enough for scientists to be able to write format descriptions at minimal cost. In terms of ease of learning and maintainability, the declarative language defined in C2M performs better than languages currently used such as awk or perl. In C2M, wrappers and documentation for human reading are automatically obtained from the same user-supplied specifications. Initial experiments demonstrate that the idea can, indeed, lead to the advent of user-governed wrapper generators. Future research will consolidate the code and extend the approach to realistic variety of formats. The contribution will address C2M by way of an extended example.

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