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Functions of a complex variable
{For analysis on manifolds, see 58-XX}
30-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)
30-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)
30-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)
30-03 Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01)
30-04 Explicit machine computation and programs (not the theory of computation or programming)
30-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
30Axx General properties
30Bxx Series expansions
30Cxx Geometric function theory
30Dxx Entire and meromorphic functions, and related topics
30Exx Miscellaneous topics of analysis in the complex domain
30Fxx Riemann surfaces
30Gxx Generalized function theory
30H05 Spaces and algebras of analytic functions [See also 32A38, 46Exx, 46J15]