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Mathematical programming

[See also 49Mxx, 65Kxx]
90C05 Linear programming
90C06 Large-scale problems
90C08 Special problems of linear programming (transportation, multi-index, etc.)
90C09 Boolean programming
90C10 Integer programming
90C11 Mixed integer programming
90C15 Stochastic programming
90C20 Quadratic programming
90C22 Semidefinite programming
90C25 Convex programming
90C26 Nonconvex programming
90C27 Combinatorial optimization
90C29 Multi-objective and goal programming
90C30 Nonlinear programming
90C31 Sensitivity, stability, parametric optimization
90C32 Fractional programming
90C33 Complementarity problems
90C34 Semi-infinite programming
90C35 Programming involving graphs or networks [See also 90C27]
90C39 Dynamic programming [See also 49L20]
90C40 Markov and semi-Markov decision processes
90C46 Optimality conditions, duality [See also 49N15]
90C47 Minimax problems [See also 49K35]
90C48 Programming in abstract spaces
90C49 Extreme-point and pivoting methods
90C51 Interior-point methods
90C52 Methods of reduced gradient type
90C53 Methods of quasi-Newton type
90C55 Methods of successive quadratic programming type
90C56 Derivative-free methods
90C57 Polyhedral combinatorics, branch-and-bound, branch-and-cut
90C59 Approximation methods and heuristics
90C60 Abstract computational complexity for mathematical programming problems [See also 68Q25]
90C70 Fuzzy programming
90C90 Applications of mathematical programming
90C99 None of the above, but in this section